Mechanical Weathering

Different effects of chemical weathering according to rock type: limestone in foreground; granite in left background, Vermont

Chemical Weathering: Honeycomb weathering from dissolution of cement in sandstone, Oregon

Chemical Weathering: Granite corestone produced by hydrolysis of surrounding rock

Soil profile in grassland, Colorado

Chemical Weathering: Weathering rind in granite produced primarily by oxidation

Differential Erosion: "Mushroom" rock produced by differential erosion,

Differential erosion of resistant sandstone overlying less resistant shale, Monument Valley, Arizona

Dust storm over playa, SE California

Ventifacts, Death Valley, California

Wave-cut bench, Sunset Bay, Oregon

Wave refraction at headland, California

Sea Arch, Santa Cruz, California

Paleosols, John Day Fm., Oregon

Ancient Shorelines, Nevada

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