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Apart from in years of heavy runoff, the Colorado River no longer empties out into the Gulf of California because increasing water consumption, dams, diversions and evaporation have been dewatering the rivers lower course. It has consequently been running dry for most years since 1960

Lake Powell, AZ Red Rock

Drought drains Lake Powelluncovering the glory of Glen Canyon-

Horseshoe bend -

Horseshoe Bend. This eye-catching image shows Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona. Although it perhaps doesnt do justice to the sheer scale of the place you''d have to be there to truly appreciate that its clearly an amazing shot. Janusz Leszczynski recalls the trying weather conditions he endured while taking the photo: One of the things that it is really difficult to show [is] how windy it was, he says. And how insane standing inches away from the edge of the canyon with the wind blowing like a wind tunnel. Plus all the red dust

Wishbone Canyon is in the lower left, just before it comes it''s closest to the top of the wall overlooking the Colorado. The island in the right center is Firelight Island. The Keyhole is in the right-bank canyon wall, in the shadows, just downstream from Firelight Island -.


Antelope slot canyon, lake Powell-

Lake Powell Alcoves near Klondike Bar.

Oak Canyon -

Oak Canyon

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Smith Fork , like Powell

On the Colorado River in Glen Canyon below Glen Canyon Dam

Utah - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area - Lake Powell

Along the Escalante River in Utah''s dramatic Glen Canyon, two-toned cliffs display pale calcite deposits left by water that once lapped the rock. Every year, waterways in the canyon lose vast amounts of water to seepage and evaporation, exposing wide swaths of the streaked canyon walls.Photograph by Michael Melford- Lake Powell is actually not a natural lake but a man-made reservoir created through the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam and subsequent flooding of the Colorado River. Going by water volume, Lake Powell is the second largest man-made reservoir in the US after Lake Mead, famously created by the Hoover Dam, just a bit downstream from Lake Powell, on the border of Arizona and Nevada

Lake Powell

A boat traces the curves of Reflection Canyon, part of Glen Canyon

In case you were wondering, the white line along the shoreline is what is commonly referred to as a bathtub ring. This is no ring of dirt, though, but mineral deposits like calcium carbonate that stick to the sandstone, leaving behind a white rim whose top is the high-water mark.

Forbidding Canyon near Rainbow Bridge. Glen Canyon NRA, Lake Powell

Anasazi Canuon, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell

Forbidding Canyon near Rainbow Bridge, Glen Canyon -

Rainbow Bridge National Monument_290ft_high as statue of liberty Glen canyon

One of the most unusual fluvial-caused landforms is the so-called natural bridge, made by stream undercutting and penetration through a rock unit. One of the most famous in the western U.S. is the Rainbow Bridge in the Glen Canyon National Park. Surprisingly to the writer, its wicket-like arch shows up better in this IKONOS image than it appeared to him when visited on the ground

The nation''s largest natural bridge is located in a canyon that is flooded downstream by Lake Powell (in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area). The mountain in the distance is Navajo Mountain, located on the Navajo Reservation along the Utah-Arizona border -

Rainbow Bridge Glen Canyon

Fossils at Glen Canyon and Rainbow Bridge

Llewellyn Loop

Glen Canyon Group -

Mocqui Canyon

AZ Mushroom Rock, Glen Canyon NRA

Natural balanced rock near Marble Canyon-Glen Canyon Arizona

Cayote Gulch, Ut

Coyote Gulch

Coyote Natural Bridge

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Utah

Glen Canyon is part of the National Recreation Area (NRA), an area that also includes Lake Powell and the lower Cataract Canyon, totaling 1.2 million acres of the Colorado Plateau. Apart from breathtaking canyons and spectacular cliffs, the diverse landscape also includes interestingmesas, (or tablelands) and buttes (steep, isolated hills).

If you ever wanted to study how a canyon is formed, Glen Canyon is a prime example. Like any self-respecting canyon, it owes its creation to the presence of flowing water in this case the Colorado River, which found its present course from the central Rocky Mountains into the Gulf of California about five million years ago. A long time, certainly, yet much younger than the Colorado Plateau, which started rising during the Eocene epoch, about 56 to 34 million years ago

Glen Canyon has a rich cultural history, too. The area has been used by various peoples and settlements for about 11,500 years. It started with settlements of prehistoric hunter-gatherers, and as settlements became semi-permanent, the area was reputedly home to Navajo, Paiute and Hopi Indians, as well as Spanish explorers in the 16th century. More recently, the canyon has seen a vast influx of miners, ranchers and adventurers.Written by: Simone Preuss

Lower Cathedral Wash - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Awesome Alcove, Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Clear Creek Canyon

Glen Canyon Rain-Fall

Waterfall In Coyote Gulch, Part Of Glen Canyon National Recreational Area In Southern Utah Canyon Country

Glen Canyon and the Colorado Plateau are ecosystems that include several rare native plant and animal species, including the alcove primrose, the southwestern willow flycatcher (an endangered bird), the northern leopard frog and the razorback sucker (an endangered fish), to name but a few. Visitors to the area will be awed by the variety of flora and fauna on offer but must also be aware of just how delicate this ecosystem is, and that understanding it and its changing diversity will contribute to its continued protection

Waves near Dam. Like a geological map, canyon walls are layered with the impact of wind and water erosion, freezing, expansion and other meteorological phenomena. Flash floods, for example, carry with them fine sand that carves the limestone rock into gentle waves like those seen in this image or at Antelope Canyon, roughly 45 miles (75 km) southwest of Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Gunsight Canyon

Klondike Cove, found 45 miles from Glen Canyon Dam, is a small cove

Cha Bay to Cha Canyon and Navajo Mountain

Wetherill Canyon UT

Wetherill Canyon UT

Wetherill Canyon UT

Wetherill Canyon UT

Peek-a-Boo Canyon Bridges, Ut

Broken Bow Arch, Willow Gulch, Glen Canyon National Recreation area, Ut

Glen Canyon Near Davis Gulch

Fifty Mile Point Near Davis Gulch


Glen Canyon National Recreation Area: Davis Gulch

Glen Canyon, Devis Gulch Bement Arch

Bement Arch

Bements Arch and Davis Gulch

Curving canyon walls in the lower Davis Gulch

Straight Narrows in Davis Gulch<br /> Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Cottonwood trees in Davis Gulch, on the Escalante River

Devis Gulch L aGorce Arch, Glen Canyon

Davis Gulch,Ut

Eroded rock near Davis Gulch

Glen Canyon NRA Dirty Devil River, Utah

Glen Canyon

Glen Canyon, Sedona


pC basement null. CAMB: Tapeast Sandstone 300m, Bridht Angel Slate 60m,Muav Limestone 430m; DEV: Elbert formation 150-230m,Oural Limestone 140m; MISS ( Redwall Ls): Whitmore wash 110m, Thunder spr 150m, Mooney falls 200m, Hoorseshoe mesa 170m; PENN: Molas FM 150-200m, Hermosa Fm 500-50m; PERMIAN: Elefant Canyon Fm 500-600m, Cedar Mesa Fm 800-1500m, Organ Rock Shale 400-500m, White Rim Ss 0-230m, Kaibab Ls 0-150m; TRIASSIC: Moenkopi Fm 230-270m, Chinle Fm (Shinarump Cs M 140-200m, Petrified Forest Member 450-520m, Owl Roek Mbr 130-150m); JURASSIC: Glen Canyon Group (Wingate Ss 250-31-m, Kayenta Fm 250-330m, Navajo Ss 1170-1230m), Page Ss 30-130m, Carmel Fm 140-260m, Entrada Ss ( Lover Mbr 300-560m, Middle Mbr 190-540m, Romana Ss 20-120m),Morris Fm (Salt Wash Mbr 10-360m, Upper Mbr 120-350m); CRET: Cedar Mtn Fm 0-50m, Dakota Fm 20-170m, Tropic Shale (Tibbet Canyon M 610-730m), Straight Cliffs Fm (Smoky Hollow M 30-90m, John Henry 1150m, Drip Tank Mbr 0-20m), Wahweap Fm 1300m; QUART Alluviun, dunes, terraces 0-100m

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