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Taney seamount
Pioneer seamount
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The Cleft Segment of the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge
Gorda Ridge

The Gorda Ridge is a tectonic spreading center located off the coast of Oregon and northern California north of Cape Mendocino. It runs from a triple junction with the San Andreas Fault and the Mendocino Fracture Zone northward to another transform boundary, the Blanco Fracture Zone. To its east is the Gorda Plate, which together with the Juan de Fuca Plate to its north, is what remains of the once-vast Farallon Plate which has been largely subducted under the North American Plate. To its west is the Pacific Plate

The Gorda Ridge is an oceanic spreading center located off the coast of northern California and southern Oregon

Juan de Fuca Ridge Volcanics, Juan de Fuca Ridge - Gorda Ridge, Axial Seamount

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Submarine volcanism - near-ridge seamounts
California margin transit zone and Eel River
Central Oregon Margin
Monterey Bay
Submarine canyons, Methane in seafloor sediment, Undersea landslides
Near ridge Vance seamounth
Tully Gas Vent Field (Axial sea mounth)
Davidsn Seamount
West American Offshore
Northeast Bank
Northeast Bank about 275km offshore, slightly south of due west of San Diego , San Juan Seamount.

British Columbia
Midwater ecology
Mesozoic Paleogeography and Tectonic History, Western North America by

by Ron Blakey and Paul Umhoefer, Department of Geology, NAU

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